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DownVideo answers questions

Here are some answers to the questions we keep getting about DownVideo the most. Maybe the answer to your question is here? Maybe it's not, so there's an email somewhere on the bottom. We're always happy to hear how we could improve this service.

How to download online videos using DownVideo?

  • Step 1: copy the video URL from your internet browser into clipboard.
  • Step 2: paste the video link you copied into the search box of DownVideo.
  • Step 3: hit "GO" to start our search for download options on this video.
  • Step 4: select the format and quality you like and hit download button.
  • It's so easy, right!! To read a more expanded version of this step by step click here.

    How to download video my Iphone or IOS device?

    You will need additional things, you'd have to break your Apple device out of the jail limiting what it can do, then you can download videos and audios, anything really.. Read about it online more, I am not an expert.

    How to convert online video to mp3 audio?

    It is very easy to do so, our video to mp3 converter works with many popular websites. Such as Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Twitch, Vimeo, Facebook and many others. Here's how to you can convert online video to mp3 audio and download using DownVideo mp3 converter:

  • Step 1: copy the video link from your browser or app.
  • Step 2: paste the link into search box of DownVideo site.
  • Step 3: hit "GO", in audio download options hit Mp3 one.
  • Step 4: now hit Download Mp3 and wait for converter
  • Step 5: download will start by itself when conversion ends
  • Our video to mp3 converter is very friendly and situation aware. It will tell you if something didn't work out, and if there's a chance in everything working the right way if you restarted the process. Sometimes snags come up, sometimes there's geographical restrictions in place, or other stuff.. We have multiple proxies in place to circumvent geo-restrictions on mp3 converting mechanism, so please, try again if it didn't work on 1st attempt.

    How to save video to Android smartphone or tablet?

    With touchscreen Android devices there used to be an extra hustle of tap and hold, but now it has been cut in half, since browsers all have now Copy icon shown as soon as you click on the browser address bar, next to share icon and something else there too.. All you gotta do now is tap the address bar and tap the Copy icon that shows up. Then tap in the white box, hold your finger or stylus until menu opens up, from that select Paste icon. Now hit download button, select your video download format and quality, and download it by doing the tap-and-hold + Download link from the menu sequence.

    How to download video that starts streaming?

    It's easy, just right-click that playing video and select Save Video As option. On mobile - tap and hold the video window, select Download Link from the menu. Also check it out, streaming videos have menu icon in the bottom right corner. Click or tap that, and you will see the Download Video option.

    How to copy video link? Another 15 words answer!

    Find Share button next to video & hit it. Select Copy Link option from the menu.

    How to find files I downloaded?

    Hit CTRL+J on desktop, or find Download link in the browser menu and hit that. There are all your download there nicely listed in the order they were downloaded.