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DownVideo - Terms of service, Privacy & Cookies

the following are policies employed by (referred to as DownVideo throughout this document)

  • Terms of service
  • Privacy policy
  • Cookies usage
  • DMCA/Copyright reports

DownVideo - Terms of Service

DownVideo is free for all and has no limits besides time between conversions set to impose fair usage for all.

DownVideo - Privacy Policy

DownVideo is fully private, doesn't collect any personal info from visitors and doesn't store that info, thus doesn't sell or use personal info in any way.

DownVideo - Cookies usage

DownVideo site may use 1 cookie to facilitate connection session. otherwise we don't use any specific cookies, except, maybe, google analytics has something.

DownVideo - DMCA/Copyright policy

This site doesn't promote illegal activities, such as DMCA & Copyright law breaking. But if you feel that your video needs to be special - we can accept and honor your request to stop your video from being downloaded using our service. For that to happen, please, send all the lawful indicators of your ownership rights to website email Without such documents your request will be denied.