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How to download online videos using DownVideo?

Here step by step instructions on how to download online videos with DownVideo, the best online video downloader service:

  • Step 1: copy the video link from the browser into clipboard.
  • Step 2: paste the link into the search box on our front page.
  • Step 3: hit "GO" to search for download options on this video.
  • Step 4: select the quality you want and hit download button.
  • DownVideo is the ultimate one stop website to download online videos and audios from 100s of networks. That is why we want to show how easy it is to use this website, so you won't have to look for another one ever again. Below are detailed instructions on each step described above. Also please note, steps 1 & 2 can be skipped when using our browser bookmark shortcut. Read more about that on front page bottom, where the big red button is shown..

    Step 1: copy video link

    Here we need to copy the video URL address. It is easy to do in a browser. Every browser has the address bar on top, that's where video link is. To copy that link, desktop users can right click on address bar and select Copy from the menu. Also F6 and CTRL+C can do the job. On mobile devices tap on the address bar, then tap the Copy icon. Older Android versions - tap and hold the address bar until menu shows up, then tap the Copy icon. With proper luck, now video link is in the clipboard.

    Step 2: paste video link

    Next thing to do is tell DownVideo about this video link - paste it into the search box. Desktop users can right click the search box and select Paste from the menu. For keyboard lovers, like me, there's a combination of clicking in the search box, and then hitting CTRL+V. But I personally find this taking more effort than right-click + paste... Mobile devices would need a tap and hold in the search box, then Paste icon. After this video link is in the box, we can start the process of finding out the video download options.

    Step 3: hit GO button

    This is easy and doesn't really need extra info, right? Hit the red GO button to the right of the search box to begin the video download process. If you're using out built-in Youtube search functionality and didn't paste any links, - GO button will initiate the search and up to a dozen videos will be shown. Click on any of them to continue..

    Step 4: download video

    Couldn't be easier as well. After the click, in 1-2 seconds you'll see all the possible download options for this video. It could be just 1, could be 30-40 different formats and quality options. Audio could be separate from video, video could be 720p, 1080p, 2k, 4k, all those options will be lined up in front of you. Select video quality you like, format, size, filesize you will be comfortable with, and hit the download button next to it. To avoid confusion with some videos beginning to play instead of downloading - use Right Click + Save as... technique to ensure downloads are always happening on 1st attempt. Mobile users should tap and hold the download link until menu with Download Link options shows up.

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    How to download videos from Youtube?

    Since our site was built for Youtube first, we have a very easy way to download youtube videos without all the copy-paste troubles. Our search box actually becomes a real search box when you need to download something from Youtube. No links are needed, simply type in the name of the video, or artist, or anything you remember about the video. And we will help.

  • Step 1: type your seach query
  • Step 2: perform Youtube search
  • Step 3: click on video you want
  • Step 4: download Youtube video
  • I personally love this method, this functionality and use it every day.. This is almost a haiku too.. Even shorter than one.. Only by words, not by syllables. But still, isn't this quite revolutionary? A tutorial on how to download youtube videos in 15 words? That is not random.. That's a fact, because using DownVideo makes saving Youtube videos to your device as easy as texting your friend about it later.

    How to convert Youtube to mp3?

    That's another task made super easy with DownVideo. Again you don't need any links, simply type in the artist name and we will offer auto-complete suggestions, and when finished - we will offer hot trending in your area viedos according to your search.

  • Step 1: start typing artist name or song title
  • Step 2: use auto complete or finish typing & submit
  • Step 3: select any video from search results
  • Step 4: find mp3 option & click download button
  • Step 5: mp3 download will soon begin automatically